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 Human Japanese 2.0.2 iPhone and iPod touch

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PostSubject: Human Japanese 2.0.2 iPhone and iPod touch   Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:59 pm

*~*~* Human Japanese cares
about the people of Haiti. We will donate $1 (US) to the Red Cross for
every sale of this product through the end of January. *~*~*

Japanese with Human Japanese language learning software.

Japanese presents the Japanese language from square one in a warm,
engaging tone. While other products focus on memorizing vocabulary,
Human Japanese goes much deeper, drawing the student into the real
mechanics of the language, all the while maintaining a warm tone and a
sense of humor.

The goal of Human Japanese is not just to turn
out students capable of repeating canned phrases, but to lay the
foundation for real linguistic and cultural understanding. To this end,
it focuses on helping the student to understand the core engine of the
language, giving lucid explanations of key concepts and making frequent
comparisons to aspects of English that are similar.

Japanese contains:

* More than 500 pages of main content

Animations of every Hiragana and Katakana character

* Over 1800
recordings of vocabulary words and phrases spoken by native speakers

Interactive games and review quizzes

* A dictionary of all
Japanese words that appear in the text

Human Japanese will
impress you with its warmth, beauty, and wit. Download it today and
start your journey!


note: If you have any trouble hearing the sounds, it is likely because
your phone ringer is muted. This mutes sounds in apps as well. To hear
the sounds, be sure your ringer is not muted and your volume is up.

new in Version 2.0.2
- Fixed missing image.
- Fixed several
- Made it more difficult to accidentally press Restart in the
Matching quiz.
- Added database upgrade logic to support future

hotfile.com HJ-v2.0.2-Fufi.ipa.zip.html


Pemasangan Iklan : ads.lokalicious@yahoo.co.id
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Human Japanese 2.0.2 iPhone and iPod touch
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